International Horseback Archery,The Fairgrounds, Ft. Dodge, Iowa
September 7, 8, 9, 10, 2000

Fearless and proud warriors once rode on horseback from Mongolia through Central Asia and into Europe. Their bows were strong and powerful; their skills in archery extraordinary.

In the Americas there were also powerful warriors whose knowledge of the bow and of the horse was unsurpassed. And elsewhere – Japan, Persia, India bow culture, horse culture was highly developed. In many places these traditions have continued. In others they are being revived. And this year in North America there will be an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the first international gathering that will draw people from some of these different cultures together. In September 7, 8, 9, and 10, the Fairgrounds at Ft. Dodge, Iowa, will host America's First International Horseback Archery Gathering and Competition.

Many events are planned for horseback archers, regular archers, spectators, and entire families. Kanjuro Shibata Sensei, kyudo master, 20th generation bow-maker and bow-maker to the Imperial Court of Japan and Sam West, his International head instructor, will be demonstrating kyudo, a form of Japanese archery.

Three Mongolian nationals, including the female national champion of Mongolia, Munkhtsetseg, will be coming, their first time in North America. Two contingents from the Lakota Nation, Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge and Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud will be setting up their tipis, and Kassai Lajos of Hungary will be once again demonstrating his horseback archery skills. There will be others, including Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl and Lukas Novotny of Saluki Bows, presenting workshops and offering training in use of atlatl, horn bows, thumbring shooting, and other skills. The public is welcome to come and watch.

Programs for training in horesback archery Beginners and Advanced.Public Lectures, Demonstrations Target Round, Popinjay Shoot, Archery Games Youth Program.

For further information, Jaap Koppedrayer at (USA) 519-595-8791
Meg Beshey at (USA) 515-573-5996 Lukas Novotny at (USA) 419-832-2105.